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MIT Interview Questions
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What are the Factors Affecting Transpiration ?

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What is the difference between (with what type of material they are made of)RAM cells and Cache memory cells

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hi!how to write test cases on SRS?tell me any example which type of certification is usefull for less then 1 yr exp. people in testing?

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Futures of COM

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What is Royalty Accounting? How it calculate? Give some example.

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What is the difference between phase current & line current, how both can be measured in star and delta system

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Write a Program to print this triangle: * ** * **** * ****** * ******** * ********** use two nested loops.

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WILL I GET A guaranteed JOB AFTER DOING bsc()IT) and GNIIT from an NIIT CENTRE??

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What do you consider your most important achievements of the past year

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What are the types of windings present in the ceiling fan? What winding will be effective first when we started the fan?What are the resistance and inductance ratios comparatively at the initial speed and full speed of the fan?


what is the purpose of TCP ?

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what is difference between internet and Internet?

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If i have faced a trial in home country but was later acquitted and found not guilty of the offence, so should i mention this matter at time of visa filing or not. If i dont mention it and obtain a Police clearance certificate, can this matter resurface at time of applying for Permanent residency in New Zealand?


What is a friend function & its advantage?

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