Difference between P.C.C and R.C.C?

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Answer / moshin khan

plain cement concrete (p.c.c)
reinforced cement concrete (r.c.c)

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Answer / parminder singh


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Answer / mayank jain

P.C.C :-plan cement concrete (steel is not provide)
R.C.C: - reinforced cement concrete(steel is provide)

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Answer / k manyam

P.C.C is not capable to take bending load because concrete
is weak in tension in that cases will go for R.C.C by
provinding reinforcement

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Answer / mahendra mohan srivastava

As you know PCC is Plain cement concrete and RCC is
Reinforcement cement concrete, we have use PCC where
comprasive load and we use RCC where we want Comparasive
and tension load also. Because we use steel bar in RCC it
is not avalible in PCC, as we know steel is for tensile

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Answer / jaf

p.c.c r.c.c

1}plain cement concrete 1} reinforcement concrete
2}low loading capacity 2} High loading capacity
3}its using flooring 3}its using roof&very
impartent structured


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Answer / mohsin wahla(japan techno)


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Answer / bharti

P.c.c is plain cement concrete which included concrete
mortar so that is used for flooring while R.c.c. is
reinforce cement concrete in which their is included
concrete mortar with reinforcement which make a strong slab
which is used for lintel

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Answer / cnu.143

p.c.c plain cement concrete

r.c.c reinforcement concrete

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Answer / vikram singh,(abe), lasa,belga

The concrete for which there is no use of steel or steel used is less in quantity than required for RCC is termed as PCC. But in case of RCC least amount of steel(as per desin) is essential. In PCC used reinforcement is skin reinforcement to avoid shrinkage cracking.But in RCC the reinforcement is provided to resist stress. Reference:---- IRC 21-2000.

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