I'd like to know the purpose of MOS (maintenance override
switch). At site, these switches are installed in a
stanchion with the transmitter (connected to ESD). thank

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Hi, I'd like to know the purpose of MOS (maintenance override switch). At site, these switch..

Answer / wael salah

maintenance override function is used for bypassing shutdown
processing so that it is not executed by safety logic during
partial maintenance such as specific input.Creating bypass
logic using a dedicated override allows the (HIS) to safely
perform maintenance override for SCS (system control station)
However Maintenance override can not executed from the HIS
unless this switch is in the permission status.

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Hi, I'd like to know the purpose of MOS (maintenance override switch). At site, these switch..

Answer / seba

MOS is used for enabling /disabling (permision to bypasing
shutdown signal from ESD system.once it enabled you can
overide perticular loop or swtich or function block.
MOS is installed normally on DCS and activating by DCS
operator or concerned engineer for allowing maintenance
technician to perform calibration or replacement of faulty
switches and transmitters.

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Hi, I'd like to know the purpose of MOS (maintenance override switch). At site, these switch..

Answer / winter r

I want a example defeat of control sheet about when
something is verride .

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