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what happens in a genarator when rotor supplied with ac
instead of dc

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what happens in a genarator when rotor supplied with ac instead of dc..

Answer / ramireddy

if we give ac to rotor of alternator ,for positive half
cycle one pole act as north and anothor work as south. for
another half cycle same pole act as south and another act
as north so no rotation of rotor takes place. machine does
not start

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what happens in a genarator when rotor supplied with ac instead of dc..

Answer / karthik

it is like giving a pulsed dc with either polarity. so
voltage at the output of the alternator will be of high
frequency may be normal frequency*frequency of excitation
to rotor.

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what happens in a genarator when rotor supplied with ac instead of dc..

Answer / pintu sain

it wil work as synchronous motor

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