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What is the difference between HMI and Scada?

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What is the difference between HMI and Scada?..

Answer / c subramaniam

HMI IS Human to (Hand to) Machine Interface ie a Display
Screen Like a computer monitor wHICH HAS THE CONNECTIVITY
switches parameter setting alarm indication etc etc

where as SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Aqusition)is a
system combined a software May be a PC with monitor or HMI
by which one can monitor the process and control it This
has got lot of options in monitoring , recording of process
data. So HMI is a part of SCADA System.

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What is the difference between HMI and Scada?..

Answer / sandesh mohite

Actually HMI stands for Human machine interface previously
it was called MMI(Man Machine Interface) but MMI turm was
out due to its sexiest tone.
so hmi is Monitoring station from where u can see the
process, control the process by giving cammands via
software cmpitable to it.

Where as SCADA(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)
Composed of mainly two parts MTU and RTU. MTU(Master
Terminal Unit)_ to control several RTU's(Remote terminal
Unit) with wire or wireless technology.
SCADA is composed of many HMI's.

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What is the difference between HMI and Scada?..

Answer / bibhutibhusan0

The main difference is, in scada it can store and record data which can't done in HMI.

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What is the difference between HMI and Scada?..

Answer / tahir

HMI is a component of SCADA...

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