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I want to buy a seal kit of a pneumatic power cylinder.But I don't know it's specification.So please help me to know its specification.

Instrumentation 1297

Can a pneumatic control valve work without positioner?


4 Instrumentation 5998

How to adjust the zero & span of a control valve from the posiitioner(MIL)?

Bhel, SMC,

1 Instrumentation 8101

How to find out the current of two motors having same power consumption but different RPM?

Instrumentation 1323

What is the formula for find out the height of chimeny of a powerplant?

Rosa Power Supply Company Limited, Sail,

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In my plant I want to mount a steam flow transmitter .Flow nozzel is already mounted in steam line .So how can i know the range to put in flow transmitter?

1 Instrumentation 1439

what is the perfect location for furnace draft transmitter in AFBC boiler?

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what is the difference between attemperator and desuperheater ?

Instrumentation 4591

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Question { Schneider, 8262 }

What is the difference between HMI and Scada?


The main difference is, in scada it can store and record data which can't done in HMI.

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Question { 12748 }

if my 6 kva UPS gives 20 min. backup at 100 % load, then at
25% load what is the backup time?


100% load =20min
1% load=20*100 min
25% load=(20*100)/25min.

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Question { 6381 }

what is turn down ratio


It is the ratio between maximum to minimum.For ex.the turn down ratio of flow meter is the ratio between the maximum flow and the minimum flow to be measure .

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Question { Pioneer Labs, 28030 }

1 TPH how many Megawatt ?


It may also vary turbine to turbine.

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Question { 6961 }

.What are the equipments should run when there is a black
out in power plant.


Emergency oil pump(EOP) must be run for lubrication and the
the bearing gear motor(BGM for moving the turbine shaft).

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Question { 3992 }

Single acting ON-OFF valve. it is air to open. when sov energized , valve will be open, so during that if air fail then what will be the condition of valve ( open or close ) ???


It will be remain in same condition if there is no air leakage and the valve is not spring loaded.

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