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what would happen if reactive power (kvar)is increased
(more)or decreased (less)? how much exact reactive power
should be maintained? and what should be done for that

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What is ics,icu,icw of load breaker

5 Answers   Havells, NPCIL,

maintenance parameters of sewage treatment plant

1 Answers  

what is the use of surge suppresser in 33 KV incoming panel. where it must be installed,inseries with incoming cable surge suppresser must be at incoming of the breaker are outgoing of the breaker

1 Answers   Siemens,

What is the rating of circuit breaker needed for 300 KVA load in 33 KV supply line in a transformer of 33 KV / 415 Volt ?

0 Answers   Hira Group,

How to find Cable size? Caterpillar generator produce (Two generators) 127*2=254 amp at 11 kv . What would be the cable size (XLPE) to supply 256 amp at 11 kv? Air or surrounding Temperature is 32 degree C. Cable will go under ground at 2.5 feet depth. Group Rating Factors is 3 cables. Clearance between cables is 7 cm. Soil Temperature (Ambient) 28o C Soil Thermal Resistivity is 1.2 K.m/W I would like to use 3 separate single core instead of using 3 core cable. Some says I should use three separate single core 120RM cables. Some says 70RM .some says 95. I m totally confused. Is there ant specific rule to determine cable size? What would be the LT cable size to flow 500 Amp current? Ifte My e mail address is Anyone please send me the answer to my e mail address, i will be very glad.

1 Answers  

how to select a breaker (MCB,MCCB,ELCB) for 18.5 kw, 3 ph. 480 v, 60 hz induction motor?

4 Answers  

What will happen if i connect the delta winding motor to star input.

1 Answers  

what is lrs tank water resistance.

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can we identify the direction of power flow in transmission line by after only looking the tower

7 Answers   TNEB Tamil Nadu Electricity Board,

I do wonder why current is present in neutral wire?i check single phase lead current feeding air conditioner...on its phase its current was 10A while same was 10A in we know in neutral voltage is zero so if voltage is zero then how current appears on amp meter? my second observation is (just imagination)when I touch phase wire it give me shock but when i touch neutral nothing happens although as above its carrying current(amps) third but with same in simple Alternate current sine curve there is + and there is negative peak.means every time phase changing so how come every time same phase and same neutral stand (pardon for english mistakes)

1 Answers  

what is form factor.and rms value..

1 Answers   IIM, Torrent Power,


7 Answers  

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