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how can we check a fully charged battery?

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how can we check a fully charged battery?..

Answer / ajit salunkhe

its Each cell volatge is about 2.2v & specific gravity is
about 1250

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how can we check a fully charged battery?..

Answer / engineering.force

u can check if a battery is fully charged or not by
measuring its specific gravity and comparing it with the
manufacturer's data sheet mentioned specific gravity when
fully charged. if they are equal means that the battery is
fully charged. if not, the battery is not fully charged. the
above answer is battery specific, i.e. depends on what kind
of battery is used in what kind of application. the above
mentioned batteries are generally used in the sub-stations
or LDC's for the the power supply back-up or to operate the
CB's in case of ac power failure, or to act as back-up power
supply for the SCADA/PLC etc.

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