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what is interlock ckt? why it is necessary in industrial
machines ?

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what is interlock ckt? why it is necessary in industrial machines ?..

Answer / kkrameshkumar

Interlock ckt or generally interlock means providing safe
conditions for startup and running of industrial
machines.For example, In some machines cooling water is
required for startup and lubrication oil pressure should be
available. In this above machine interlocking system is to
be done with cooling water flow and lubrication oil
pressure to avoid any unsafe condition for the machine.The
machine can be started only if both the conditions are
satisfied. During running of the machine if any one fails
then the machine must be tripped. Interlock is necessary in
industrial machines for safe operation of the machine as
well as the process.

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what is interlock ckt? why it is necessary in industrial machines ?..

Answer / sam

Not sure what you refer to with"ckt" but interlocks is all
about starting a application or machine safely.
For example if you want to start up a compressor the
discharge valve must be closed, the recycle valve must be
open, the guide vanes must be at 10%, there must be power
available, there must be air available, the oil must be at
60 degrees, the cooling water recycle pump must be running
and so on. The local control system(PLC) will only allow you
to start the compressor when all these interlocks have been met.
Good luck

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