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how PH an important role in HPLC separation

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how PH an important role in HPLC separation..

Answer /

acidic compounds are more retained at low ph ,basic
compounds are more retained at higher ph while neutral
compounds are uneffected. PH can be used as a powerful
selectivity tool for the separation of ionizable
compounds.At PH values used traditionally (PH 4-8 or
depending upon column specifications ),a change in PH can
result in a dramatic shift in retention

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how PH an important role in HPLC separation..

Answer / r.kadambavadani

The column stationary phase is also affected by pH. At very low pH (<2) the bonded stationary phase will be stripped from the silica support. At high pH (>8) the silica itself will be damaged by dissolution. At mid pH ranges (>5), any lone silanol groups (Si-O-H) present will act like an acidic moiety and will become ionized - increasing the tailing observed with analytes containing basic functional groups.

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how PH an important role in HPLC separation..

Answer / g.ganesh

compound is completly retaned at spacefic pH valu in the
coloum and give peak which is sharp and some time pH affect
on some compound so thair is chance to decompose or distrub
to compound stbility

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