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what is relation of rpm with Power supply? rpm directly
Proposational to power ?

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what is relation of rpm with Power supply? rpm directly Proposational to power ?..

Answer / kc

freq is directly proportional to speed.and active power is
directly prop to freq.thus rpm depends on active supply
and.jus like at low volt the fan draws more current at a
greater slip and lower pf to prod rated speed which is
undesriable..rpm is dircetly prop to power.

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what is relation of rpm with Power supply? rpm directly Proposational to power ?..

Answer / k.l.subrahmanyam (nb ventures)

mechanical o/p=(2*3.14*n*t)/60 ,mechanical i/p of a generator = electrical o/p (if loss is negligible), then (2*3.14*n*t)/60=v*i (concider o/p is dc ),speed(n) increases mec o/p increases there fore generator i/p also increases,o/p of generator is v*i (emf=n*(d pi/dt),emf=v) due to increase in speed the voltage also increases there electrical o/p also increases

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