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which motor is used in mixies

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which motor is used in mixies..

Answer / sree

universal motors

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which motor is used in mixies..

Answer / mrityunjay kumar pandey

yes it is universal motor,but to be more precise,d.c.
series motor because it works both on ac and
dc,,,,,,,,how...........because field and armature are in
series,but shunt motor cannot work on ac

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which motor is used in mixies..

Answer / vivek sonawane

d.c. series motor i.e. Universal motor is used for mixies

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which motor is used in mixies..

Answer / lakshu

ya its absolutelly universal motor bcoz it works on both ac
& dc

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which motor is used in mixies..

Answer / shylesh sai

Yes it is universal motor

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which motor is used in mixies..

Answer / bee 2

I read Universal Motor, But u know U saw in mixie used with
brush so, we can say brush motor.

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which motor is used in mixies..

Answer / s.karthik

hey,,why do u say DC series motor or universal motor,Mixies
are powered from single phase AC

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which motor is used in mixies..

Answer / ashok

Universal Motor because it can be used for A.C as well as D.C Supplies. So, Universal Motor is used in Mixies.

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which motor is used in mixies..

Answer / hariharan

single phase induction motor

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which motor is used in mixies..

Answer / ankush miglani 09718151073

induction motor

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