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Dear all at one of my site we checked the amps at the
earthing cable to the alternator it was found 125 to 130 A.
at the neutal cable in same machine found 146A. in the same
plant checked the earthing current on other alternator it
was 52A, and neutral 116 A. we are facing problems with our
controller and the card was damaged once. can that
neutral/GND current be a reason? as there is common
grounding for the Alternator,Brkr panel,Transformer?

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Grounding. Dear all at one of my site we checked the amps at the earthing cable to the alternator..

Answer / r.anandakrishnan

First you will check the neutral earthpit resistence values
and high capacity alternator earth to be grounded through
switch.After that you measure the earth and neutral current.

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Grounding. Dear all at one of my site we checked the amps at the earthing cable to the alternator..

Answer / mgm

maintain potential difference

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