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what is mean by PID & Principal of working

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what is mean by PID & Principal of working..

Answer / srinivas

friend is it u r talking about pid controller or wt ....

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what is mean by PID & Principal of working..

Answer / ankush miglani 09718151073

it is proportional integral derivative controller
it is basically used in industry controllers

there r three blocks one is p, then i and at last d

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what is mean by PID & Principal of working..

Answer / naidu

pid means proportional integral derivative controller

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what is mean by PID & Principal of working..

Answer / amit kumar

PID is Proportional Derivative and Intergral. These are used
in the control system and are the heart of any controller.
Depending upon control system requirement the values of P, I
and D are defines. P is proportional gain and normally used
when we require accurate or continuous control action. I is
integral time and is used to remove the offset. D is
derivative time and is used to to make the control system

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what is mean by PID & Principal of working..

Answer / p_sajith

There are two main PIDs.
(1) Medical : Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (connected with
(2) Electrical: Puncture Insulator Detector ( to know
whether an insulator disc of astring is puncture/ damaged/
flashed over ) on live condition of a line. When u ask
principal of working I think u ask the second.
Punctured Insulator Detection.
A) By Electric field Measurement Method
This equipment named as POSITRON is used for detecting
leakage in the defective insulator in the string.
This equipment is attached to hot stick & it is moved
across each insuator in the insulator string & it records
the electrical field surrounding the insulators.
The electrical field surrounding an insulator decreases
considerably in front of a defective insulator.
The downloaded data gives us graphical presentation of the
field against each insulator of the complete string,
enabling us to identify the defective insulator.
The software data analysis eliminates the need for operator

B) By Voltage Measurement Method
In this method the voltage difference across each disc is
made use for measuring the leakage current in m A by
connecting galvanometer in shunt
If an insulator becomes weak or gets punctured thevoltage
difference across that disc becomes zero and the care of
that voltage is taken by adjacent discs.
The punctured insulator is identified by sudden deep in the
galvanometer and indicates its replacement

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what is mean by PID & Principal of working..

Answer / sukhvinder

PID : It is punture insulator detector.

Working : on energised line these PID is moved on insulator
string which measure the voltage gradient against each disc
and from there we can find the punture insulator through

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