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"Is honesty always the best policy?"

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"Is honesty always the best policy?" ..

Answer / neha patkar

Yes.. Honesty is always the best Policy... !! I knw.. i may
sound too modest while saying so.. Especially in today's
world when there is so much of stress around.. But I
strongly believe that no organisation or firm can ever has
its foundation based on any kind of false, fake and
fraudulent facts. and even though if it does, it may not
survive or sustain for a longer period.
I understand..that to be a complete honest person is
difficult at times.. but lets face it today rather than
facing it in future resulting into terrible consequences.
..Therefore with due respect to all...I would not
compromise with my basic ethics. I am a hardworker and
trust myself for my honesty so that I can face all my
seniors in the organisation gracefully as well as

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"Is honesty always the best policy?" ..

Answer / banu

Not always....

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"Is honesty always the best policy?" ..

Answer / janu

Yes. Ofcourse. Honesty is always the best policy. Each and
Every man Would like the person who be honest for them...
Honest is the very powerful weapon at the time of war in ur
life. If u are very honest and very true, we never be
afraid of anyone. Honest gives the strength to face a lot
of problems...

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