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What is DCS?

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What is DCS?..

Answer / sivasankari

DCS means Distributed Control System.It is mainly used to
control the physical parameters like

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What is DCS?..

Answer / gobinath

DCS Means Distributed control system. This is working as a
master control system of full entire plant. its communicate
with all node control system (field Sub control PLC's and
control & execute the all closed loop process.

DCS -------- PLC 01
|---- PLC 02
|---- PLC 03

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What is DCS?..

Answer / b_saravanakumar

DCS is distributed control system and it is used to control
a plant (ex: power plant). DCS will have its own database
where in PLC doesnt have. Also scanning time for DCS is less
than 100mSec.

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What is DCS?..

Answer / seema pal

DCS is distributed control system which is geograhically
distributed and connected through a communication network.
The control stations and its sub stations can be located in
different locations of the plant.It is capable of doing
different functions since it also fuctionally distributed.

Hence, in a short, DCS is geographically and functionally

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What is DCS?..

Answer / bala

DCS-Distribured Control System

it is build with hard ware and software
this control using in process control industries like
cement / sugar / power etc...
main function is monitor / sequence of opration / control /
indication / trip(for man and machine safety)

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