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Why 4-20mA SIGNAL IS PREFERRED OVEA A 0-10v signal?


We can use 0-10 volt also for signal. But while signal
transmission voltage drop will occur on lead wires. Also
voltage will have noise due to this we may loose signals at
receiving end. To overcome this we are using current
(4-20mA) for signals.

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Question { Adani, 8431 }

What is DCS?


DCS is distributed control system and it is used to control
a plant (ex: power plant). DCS will have its own database
where in PLC doesnt have. Also scanning time for DCS is less
than 100mSec.

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Question { 4860 }

What is the IEC Standard for PLC I/O Terminal wiring


If it is a 3-core cable then it should be wired like this,
For 24VDC,
Core 1 - 0/24VDC
Core 2 - 24VDC
Core 3 - Signals

For 230VAC,
Core 1 - 0/230VAC
Core 2 - 230VAC
Core 3 - Signals
Core 4 - PE

If it is a 2-core cable then it should be wired like this,
For 24VDC,
core 1 - Signals
Core 2 - 24VDC

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Question { 6783 }

what is "smart" in smart transmitter ?


Smart is an electronic circuit based on micro controller that is present in transmitter.

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Question { Tisco, 4156 }

what is thermo coupler and how it works


Thermocouple consists of two dissimilar metals connected at one end. When we heat that junction an emf will be introduced at other end and this induced emf is directly propotional to the metal temperature. There are different types of thermocouples available in market which are B, E, J, K, N, R, S and T type.

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Question { 8599 }

What s PDS & PDMS tools ?its
role in instrumentation?


PDMS means project database management system and it is like a document manager tool where all project related documents will be stored.

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Question { 6096 }

What is voltage free(wet) and potential (dry) contact?


wet contact is a contact which is not potential free. But dry contact is a potential free contact and the contact rating can be either 24VDC, 230VAC or 110VAC.

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Question { 3733 }

how to control motor load with rpm or vfd


The Motor speed can be controlled through a closed loop system (i.e. PID loop) with either process value of its speed.

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