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diffrence b/w accuracy and precision?

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diffrence b/w accuracy and precision?..

Answer / bj

accuracy is simply,how close the measured value to the
desire value, and the precision, is just the repeatability
of the measured value..

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diffrence b/w accuracy and precision?..

Answer / vijay

accuracy: means degree of closeness with which given
instrument approaches true value of quantity which is being
precision:means its just repeatibility of measured

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diffrence b/w accuracy and precision?..

Answer / humza iqbal

accuracy means closeness to the original value and precision
means your same or closed repeated values

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diffrence b/w accuracy and precision?..

Answer / abhinav

Accuracy is defined as ability
of a device to respond to true
value of measure variable
under reference condition.
Precision is defined as degree
of exactness.

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