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in pressure gauge inside why we are using the glasarin oil?

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in pressure gauge inside why we are using the glasarin oil?..

Answer / r.kalaiselvan


we are using glasarin oil inside the pressure gauge to
use the gauge in vibrating area

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in pressure gauge inside why we are using the glasarin oil?..

Answer / kaja farkhan

for damping we are using the glycerine in the pressure

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in pressure gauge inside why we are using the glasarin oil?..

Answer /

# Glasarin oil or any other viscous material is used in
order to make pulsation damping to avoid vibration and
pulsation effects on ths gauge and to have a stable
readable value.

# The internal friction of the filled liquid absorp shocks
and prevent the instrument damage.


Ahmed Sabry
Control and Instrumentation Engineer
GPC - General Petroleum Company
CELL.: 00 2 0121367310

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in pressure gauge inside why we are using the glasarin oil?..

Answer / t-boy

To allow for its usage in areas subjected to vibration. The
oil acts like a damper.

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