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what is the function of choke in a tubelight

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what is the function of choke in a tubelight..

Answer / ashok

to produce a instantaneous high voltage to ignite the
tube.because tube has no filament ,it has only a gas inside
it . to ionize the gas tube need high voltage at starting.

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what is the function of choke in a tubelight..

Answer / sushil259

Actually, we all know that emf is induced in a inductor
whenever there is a change in current as per relation
e=Ldi/dt. so as we require high voltage approx. 600V to
start ionisation in the tube light, we change current with
the help of starter which helps in building voltage across
choke and when ionisation gets started, starter short
circuited and choke supply now is reduced tp approx 110V
which is required to light up tube. if normal supply i.e.
230V is given directly to the tube it will burn.

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what is the function of choke in a tubelight..

Answer / ramanjaneyulu

to produce instantaneyosly high voltage i.e 1100v then the
tube will glow the voltage will be redused to 110v

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