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What is the difference between Analytical instruments and
other instruments?

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What is the difference between Analytical instruments and other instruments?..

Answer / patrik

Analytical instruments are those which are used to calculate
the exact proportion in which the various constituents are
present in a substance.for eg:a gas chromatograph can be
used to calculate the exact quantities in which oxygen,
co2,nitrogen and other gases are present in air.
where as the other instruments are used to measure
the various physical quantities such as pressure,
temperature, level, flow etc in a process.

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What is the difference between Analytical instruments and other instruments?..

Answer / santosh kumar

1.)Analytical instrument are laboratory type instrument whereas other instrument can be laboratory as well as plant oriented type.
2.)these are generally small in size whereas other instrument are larger in size as compared to analytical instrument.
3.) examples of analytical are cromatograph,psychrometer,spectroscopy,pH measurement etc.
whereas example of other instrument are thermocouple,thermister,orifice meter, ultrasonic flow meter etc.

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What is the difference between Analytical instruments and other instruments?..

Answer / turki m. saeed

The analytical instruments are analyzers that evaluate the composition of sample. it can be use for quantitative or qualitative technique. Example of analytical instruments are chromatography instruments such as GC, GCMS, IC, ICMS, LC, HPLC, LCMS, CHN. of course spectroscopy is other line of analytical instruments and we should not forget the wet chemistry line of analyzers and meters.

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What is the difference between Analytical instruments and other instruments?..

Answer / akash karmakar

The measurement of composition is usually refferd to as analysis and the corresponding system as analytical instrumentation. the instruments which are used for any kind of analysis purpose.......

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What is the difference between Analytical instruments and other instruments?..

Answer / ajayraj vishal

Simply the analytical instruments differs from ordinary measuring instruments in the way they are used . in them operator can change the parameters of instrument while taking measurement eg. Source charactersistics etc. While in the oridanary instruments operator has no freedom to change parameters 

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What is the difference between Analytical instruments and other instruments?..

Answer / sam

Yes, I see what you mean it can be a bit confusing.
Instrumentation is a very wide field so the easiest to
explain would be to classify all the various areas in
different categories, but they are all part of the
instrumentation field.
Process measuring instrumentation, like pressure,
temperature, flow, density, level, viscosity, conductivity,
PH, redox, distance, angle ext.
Process control instrumentation, like control valve, on/off
valve, solenoids valves, valve positions, feedback positioners.
Monitoring and control instrumentation, like the DCS, SCADA,
PLC's and relay control systems.
Pneumatic instrumentation, like pneumatic valve positioners,
electromagnetic positioners, DP transmitters, level trolls,
switches and pneumatic relays and pistons.
Hydraulic instrumentation, like hydraulic control systems,
pneumatic/hydraulic solenoid valves, hydraulic control
valves, feedback positioners and pistons.
Fire and gas instrumentation, like flame, gas, smoke, heat
detectors and the addressable monitoring and control
systems. CO2, foam, 440VAC foam control valves and deluge
systems and their pneumatic and solenoid control systems
will also fall in this category.
Analytical instrumentation, like oil in water, gas
chromatographic, oxygen content, chlorine content,
florescence, dew point analyzers.
Good luck

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What is the difference between Analytical instruments and other instruments?..

Answer / mohammad sharib

Analytical Instruments are those type of instrument which
are factory calibrated as per the standards and also you can
verify the calibration of instrument with the standard

These type of instrument mainly used in the laboratories for
exact reading.

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