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Iam Preparing For Ap Transco Assistant Engineer
(ELECTRICAL) Exam how To Prepare What Is The Refernce
Books.can You Give The Advises To Me.tahnk You. This Is
Radhika Iam Preparing For Ap Transco Assistant Engineer

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Iam Preparing For Ap Transco Assistant Engineer (ELECTRICAL) Exam how To Prepare What Is The Refer..

Answer / iamdon

Dear Radhika,
You can refer a book.It is a handy reference with compact
theory and ample number of objective questions with
answer.The beauty of this book is it is almost error free.

Title:An integrated course in electrical engineering.(3rd
Publisher:Katson books.
Price:approx 350.
Enjoy learning.

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Iam Preparing For Ap Transco Assistant Engineer (ELECTRICAL) Exam how To Prepare What Is The Refer..

Answer / radhikas friend

Pl study hard. BTW when is the exam

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