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how to male a d.c bettery to blow a 230v bulb?

how to male a d.c bettery to blow a 230v bulb?..

Answer / iamdon

Incendensent lamp(bulb) works on this simple principle.

When current flow through the filament, it gets heated due
to Cu loss in filament owing to high resistance of filament
(made uo of Tunguston).We know that a heating body emits
radiation. When the temperature of radiating body exceed a
certain value,the radiation comes in visible spectrum of light
and the filament looks glowing.The intensity of glowing depends
upon the temperature of filament which in turn depends upon
the amount of current flowing through the filament which in
turn depends upon the voltage applied across the filament.

For getting full brightness,rated voltage is required
across the filament otherwise bulb will glow less brighter.
(You must have seen the dim light bulb in low voltage.This
is due to above reason).

Since a single battery is not capable of supplying rated
current at 230V.So we need to make series connections of many
batteries for getting required 230V.

Even if we connect a single battery across the bulb.It will
glow megrely since its radiation is not in the visible spectrum
due to less heating. so we cant notice the glow.

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