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Without seeing the nameplate descriptions of a rotating
machine,Is it possible to say which one is a motor and
which one is a generator?
How would you certain this?

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Without seeing the nameplate descriptions of a rotating machine,Is it possible to say which one is..

Answer / iamdon

Dear Amit,
Your statement is right except the last line.As long a
machine is in motoring mode it will only take electrical
energy as input not the mechanical enegry.

In the question asked, the intention was to find the
difference on a practical ground.We all are very much aware
of the difference on various techanical grounds but a
laymen would not understand the terms like stator,magnetic
field,armature etc.For them FULLY CLOSED and SEMI CLOSED
are quite easy to interprete.Hope now you agree.

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Without seeing the nameplate descriptions of a rotating machine,Is it possible to say which one is..

Answer / iamdon

Not in all cases but we can surely say in some cases.

Generators are always handled by persons having experience
in the field of electircal machines.It is generally established
at dust free places.So it MAY BE SEMI OPENED like structure.
(Remember the generators hired for Indian marriage ceremony.You
can able to see the rotating parts).

Motors are handled by persons from all walks of life and
established without concerning the dust level in the vicinity.
For running a motor,one need not require a knowledge of
electrical machines.Have you ever faced a situation when motor
seller asked you: Do you know about electrical machines? before
selling you a motor.So motor construction is ALWAYS FULLY
CLOSED to ensure safety and proper protection aganist dust
during its rugged operation.

We can distinguish between motor and generator on the
appearance respectively provided motor is not opened for
repair purposes and generated is not newely purchased.

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Without seeing the nameplate descriptions of a rotating machine,Is it possible to say which one is..

Answer / amit

Generator always need some source for its operation (such as
petrol or diesel), but motor takes only electrical energy or
mechanical power to run.

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