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What is difference between MS and Tor steel ?? Please
ellobrate...or state its charactersitcs??

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What is difference between MS and Tor steel ?? Please ellobrate...or state its charactersitcs??..

Answer / uzair yar khan

The correct technical term for TOR steel (which to my
knowledge is a trade mark) is Cold Twisted Deformed (CTD)
Steel Reinforcement Bar. These are steel bars with surface
deformations formed by twisting the steel after elongation.
The elongation process imparts higher yield strength to
steel (increases from 250 to say 500MPa) and surface
corrugations impart higher bondage with concrete.

TOR steel is one of the best grade of steel used in
concrete reinforced. It's a kind of high adherence steel.
Other types of steel are used for less resistance concrete.

At all MS is plain Bar and TOR have different shapes i.e
deformed, twisted, ribbed etc

Type of Steel Bars
1.Mild steel bars
2.Deformed steel bars

1.Mild steel bars
Mild steel bars are used for tensile stress of RCC
(Reinforced cement concrete) slab beams etc. in reinforced
cement concrete work. These steel bars are plain in surface
and are round sections of diameter from 6 to 50 mm. These
rods are manufactured in long lengths and can be cut
quickly and be bent easily without damage.

2.Deformed steel bars
As deformed bars are rods of steels provided with lugs,
ribs or deformation on the surface of bar, these bars
minimize slippage in concrete and increases the bond
between the two materials. Deformed bars have more tensile
stresses than that of mild steel plain bars. These bars can
be used without end hooks. The deformation should be spaced
along the bar at substantially uniform distances.

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What is difference between MS and Tor steel ?? Please ellobrate...or state its charactersitcs??..

Answer / balachandra mahendra

MS=Mild steel bars
TOR = Twisted Ore Reinforced Steel 

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What is difference between MS and Tor steel ?? Please ellobrate...or state its charactersitcs??..

Answer / akhilesh

MS Bars are 250 Mpa yeild strength
Hysd bars are 415 Mpa yeild stregth bars

Also mild strength covers greater area under stress strain
curve . Can deform more
But HYSD covers comparitively lesser area. less deformable

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What is difference between MS and Tor steel ?? Please ellobrate...or state its charactersitcs??..

Answer / aas

Mild bars are so cool

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