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hi, im going to face the interviwe panel, plz help me to
answer this question
Q1 Why i will select youfor the HR post in my Company and
what unique work you will do as a HR in the company?

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hi, im going to face the interviwe panel, plz help me to answer this question Q1 Why i will selec..

Answer / kishori mani

because HR Management means to manage man power, which is
varied from person to person and I have an experience of
four years in this field. I am not doing this just as a
profession but personally it's my hobby and interest to
judge any person. I just love to read anyone's mantility,
ability and Enthusiasm.

From my last company, I had went in a campus selection of
ICAI, which was organized in a college in Faridabad. The
purpose was to take interviews of ICAI students for the post
of Chartered Accountants. And I was the organizer from the
behalf of my company to maintain all the show properly (from
preparing question paper for candidates to selection
procedure). And at the end everything gone smoothly the
result was also good. As I feel personally, this is a good
achievement for me.

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hi, im going to face the interviwe panel, plz help me to answer this question Q1 Why i will selec..

Answer / aishu

hr meaning is human resouce management ,i like the hr post
because it is the thing to check ability,skill,behaviour
and hr is the main part of the company.

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hi, im going to face the interviwe panel, plz help me to answer this question Q1 Why i will selec..

Answer / asif

because i have applied for that position in your company and if you give me a chance then you will see what can i do unique from others..

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