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Q1 What will be the main objective as a HR in the company?

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Q1 What will be the main objective as a HR in the company?..

Answer / rekha

the main objectives of HR are,
to identifying the correct person to the right job
to maintaining the best relationship
to monitoing whole employee recruitment process
to implementation of HR policy in an organization
to identify the needs of training and development program
to formulate the performance appraisal system
to ensure employee satisfaction level

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Q1 What will be the main objective as a HR in the company?..

Answer / bharani dharan g.s.

Right person for the right job is the main concept of the HR,
to co-ordinate all the administration works like facility
mgnt,transport mgnt,recruitment of employee's,to maintain
the infrastructural mgnt ,sanitary mgnt.

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Q1 What will be the main objective as a HR in the company?..

Answer / narasimha

HR is the main objective in the company.Because,Now a days
com[etition is very high and the firms are inventing new
technologies.In this competitive business we required good
understanding between the employes and motivate the
employes to do the work for growth of the company.Thats why
we require Human relations for the company

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Q1 What will be the main objective as a HR in the company?..

Answer / mayur aboti

It is a planned approach to managing people effectively for
performance, end ensure staff will be motivated, developed,
& managed in a way that they can give their best support to
the department.

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Q1 What will be the main objective as a HR in the company?..

Answer / juen sandoval

your main objective should be protect the company, reduce their liability through HR procedure, and you do this by protecting the employee

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