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What do you mean by deregulated power system structure?
Which structure (regulated/deregulated) is used by modern
power system?

What do you mean by deregulated power system structure? Which structure (regulated/deregulated) i..

Answer / iamdon

Deregulated power system structures means all major tasks
(Generation,Transmission and Distribution)are
unbundled.Deregultaion has paved the ways for private
players to emerge and also it bring competitivness amoung
the existing companies.

Generation is done by Generation companies(GENCOs).e.g,
Transmission is done by Transmission companies
Distrisution is done by Ditribution companies(DISCOs).e.g,
State electricity boards.

Now a days we are using deregulated structure of power
system.In earlier days we were using regulated structure
where all tasks were performed by same utilitty
companies.Clearly we can see that the regulated structure
of power system was not efficient and effective thats why
we switched to deregulated PS structure.

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