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What is pipe schedule?
What are all effects its having in the valve?
how do we take care of pipe sch in case if the customer dint
specify in the data sheet.
What we need assume and in what basis?

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What is pipe schedule? What are all effects its having in the valve? how do we take care of pipe s..

Answer / shankar

Thickness of the pipe is normally spelled in Schedule
example 1/2" Sch 40S,

Generally, ID (Inside diameter) of the pipe will vary by
varying the thickness but OD (Outside Diameter) remains
constant. But it is vice versa when we speak about tube,
where ID remains onstant and OD will change by varying

For a valve with welded end connection ,schedule of the
valve is needed, so that while joining valve with the pipe,
both ID of valve and pipe shall be matched. For that most
of cases schedule is important.

In case when pipe sch is not given, we have to follow ASME
31.3 code to find the required thickness for the design
pressure and temperature.

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What is pipe schedule? What are all effects its having in the valve? how do we take care of pipe s..

Answer / shankar

There are four end connections:
1. Butt weld
2. Socket weld
3. Threaded end
4. Flanged end

For butt welded and socket welded end valve, schedule is
important. For other no need.

But while connecting a pipe and a flange, schedule is

For joining any two components (a pipe with a valve)
through butt welding, ID of both should be match.

Pipe is designated by a "Nominal Pipe Size" based upon the
ID (inside diameter) of the most common wall thickness.
Tubing is designated by the measured OD (outside diameter).

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What is pipe schedule? What are all effects its having in the valve? how do we take care of pipe s..

Answer / informative

Thank you shankar.

Still clarify this

Do you mean the welded ends is supposed to be flanges?
Can you protray some picture's in order to understand ID and
OD match of valve and pipe.

I could understand your statement of tube and pipe ID and OD?

Thanks for your response

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