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Why are the uses 24vdc in industries

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why temperature transmitter is showing ambienttemp.but 21.5ma. alarm AO showing at the display &how to sloves this problem.

2 Answers  

what is meant by orderm of a system. will the stability of a system increases by incresing order of a system

1 Answers  

How can we check Zero of DP type Level Transmitter onside?

7 Answers   Birla,

Somebody tell me in what way i need to prepare for csio pgrpe(adv instrum eng)interview?what all the quest can i expect?

0 Answers  

cascade controller is feed back or feed forward or both

4 Answers  

How to interfacing microcontroller with a DC motor

0 Answers   JJ Tech,

what is three element loop

7 Answers  

What is Difference between Bench Set & Operating Range of Control Valve?

1 Answers   AB Sugar,

Is an analogue only transmitter as accurate as a smart transmitter?

2 Answers   SCA,

Hi all, I am Mohamed from Algeria, I'm a senior Technician qualified in instrumentation. I work in an international petroleum and gas company (SONATRACH: Separation of associated gas from crude oil. Production of condensate, LPG and re-injection of dry gas) within the regulation & Control instrumentation department.I am interested for working in Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) in Qatar.Now,I am seeking a position, which is an opportunity for me to put my experience to good use and actually participate in running on this company. So, Can anyone help how to contact this company? Thanks Mohamed,

1 Answers  

tell me about the instrumentation,what is the actual need of it ?what are the characteristics of a IC engineer ?

11 Answers   L&T,

Is there any relation between Artificial Intelligence and Instrumentation?

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