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why u want to skip from computer application to HR?

why u want to skip from computer application to HR? ..

Answer / ron

Right from my career i have been working as admin/HR and i
got interested in that and lost contact with computer
related jobs like software and graphics.

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what is recruitment cycle?

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In a room there are 3bulbs, and in the net room there are 3 switches. one can not see through the rooms, then how can you know that which switch is for which bulb with out taking any one's help?

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Hello Everyone , I have done Graduation and a diploma in aviation & Hospitality, planning to do MBA in HR Mgt and i have one and half year of experience in admin. Front office executive and now i m working as a help desk executive but now i want myself to work with HR dept . But in interview i won't be able to answer that why am i changing my profile to get into HR Dept? Please help me to answer this question thank you.

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what is TDS and how it is calculated,, is veriable incentives considered for the TDS calculation....???

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Hi, We are introducing incentive policy for our union employees So, I am preparing terms & conditions for this policy. Can any body have your company policy pls send me through mail @

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What control mechanisms might be most appropriate to ensure that action plans match targeted needs?

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What is difference between Performance Management and Performance Appraisal?

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i will go for f1 visa 3rd time. Can i get visa? i am doing job in finace company, they ask me why are you want to study now(means after gap)? what is the ans of this question?

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how can i settled as a hr in your company?

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how do you think your MBA has equipped you for the industry?

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Why did you leave your last company?

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hi im soumali chakraborty,pursuing MBA in HR specialization,soon to face my placement interviews,plz help me to answer these questions.. Q1 Why u have chosen HR specialization? Q1 Were you want to see yourself 3-5yrs from now as a HR in the company? Q3 What are your goals as a HR in the company? Q4 Whe will be my career paths as a HR in the company?

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