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Can the efficiency of transformer be measured with the help
of wattmeter readings taken at primary and secondary side?
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Can the efficiency of transformer be measured with the help of wattmeter readings taken at primary..

Answer / iamdon

No,Transformer efficiency measured with the help of
wattmeter can't be reliable.

The reason is
The efiiciency of transformer is very high (order of 98.5-
99+)% due to static nature of it.The error associated with
ordinary wattmeter is in the range of 1-2 % .Under this
condition the readings taken cann't be reliable.

The efiiciency is measured with the help of data taken from
two tests namely
Open circuit test--indiaction of core loss
Short circuit test--indication of copper loss.

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Can the efficiency of transformer be measured with the help of wattmeter readings taken at primary..

Answer / dabangg


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