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1)What will happen when 240 VDC supply is connected to
240VAC supply(DC supply +ve is connected to phase of AC
supply & DC supply is to neutral of AC supply).
2)Also what will happen when 240 VDC supply is connected to
240 VAC supply in reverse polarity as of Sr. No 1.

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1)What will happen when 240 VDC supply is connected to 240VAC supply(DC supply +ve is connected to..

Answer / h.o. jagtap

When 240 VDC supply is connected to 240 VAC , AC Supply
work as Low potaintial in each cycle and short circuit
current will follow from DC to AC supply. Beacouse each
cycle of Alternating current DC is positive.

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1)What will happen when 240 VDC supply is connected to 240VAC supply(DC supply +ve is connected to..

Answer / 12345

when 240vdc supply is connected to 240vac supply then the
power supply becomes zero due to grounding of neutral.

also when the polarity gets reversed only 240vac supply is
been provided to the circuit.

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