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Why generating voltage is limited up to 22kV?

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Why generating voltage is limited up to 22kV?..

Answer / iamdon

The generating voltage is limited up to 22kV due to
following reasons.

1)At voltage greater than 22kV, it is not ecomomical to
design the insulation for generator.
2)With the increase in voltage,armature current increases
which causes more loss in winding.So temperature of winding
increases which in turn rise the temperature of machine.So
we need more efficient cooling technique which is again

Techinacal data:

1)5 degree increase in temperature reduces the life of
insulation by a factor of half.
2)20 degree increase in temperature reduces the insulation
resistance by a factor of half.

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Why generating voltage is limited up to 22kV?..

Answer / surendra

1. due to insulation cost.
2. for high voltage generation flux shuld be more for const
freq. thtwhy size of m/c become large which is not

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Why generating voltage is limited up to 22kV?..

Answer / gurucharan singh

As we go higher voltage level we to provide more insulatio
at generator winding. This increase the normall winding
working temperature indirectly cost of manufacturing.
Further higher temperature reduces life cycle of winding.
It alway preferred to limit generator winding voltage up to

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Why generating voltage is limited up to 22kV?..

Answer / s.arul

1) In generator voltage increased as well as increase the
winding insulation thickness.
2) so generator stator core size will be large.
3) In generator size also large.
4) Increase the cost of generator.
5) to transport the generator some problem will come.

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