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Types of circuit breaker

Types of circuit breaker..

Answer / anil vaniya

Oil circuit breaker,air circuit breaker, vaccum circuit breaker and gas circuit breaker

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Iin ESP why positive is grounded ? why not negative ?

0 Answers  

A group of machines (wind turbines) connected with 33KV feeder and each machines are having individual VCB. The 33KV feeder connected with 110KV/33KV substation. The 33KV feeder tripped by over current at Substation and fault recorded at Substation as OC-R&Y phase. Same time the group of machines VCB tripped by over voltage, the fault recorded voltage was above 66KV by numerical Under/Over voltage relay. While grid drop time, this much of voltage hike is possible?

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Why 11KV PT Secondaries [(11000/1.732)/(110/1.732)/ (110 / 3)]are in star connection ? And why the same should not be in delta ?

1 Answers  

what is surge impedance loading and it's significant in power system?

2 Answers  

Why the wave trap is put in Y phse only in switchyard?why not in other phases?

1 Answers  

What is the difference between generator and turbo generator - related to power gereration

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how to prepare PPM schudule

3 Answers   TATA,

we have 350 kva capcitor bank which is not showing KW. dose capacitor shows kW OR not.

2 Answers  

Excat meaning of burden in only one word?

3 Answers   Bhel, DG Electricals,

How we calculate DC inducation moter Amp? Sir pls give me formula......

0 Answers   Superlite,

what is neutral grounding? why is it required? what is neutral grounding resistor and how is its value calculated??

11 Answers   NTPC, ONGC,

Why in Digital Megger for finding Insulation resistance,-ve is applied to core or conductor and +ve is applied to ground.

1 Answers   ACC,

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