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Why the brushes used in dc machines are made of carbon not
from other metal?

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Why the brushes used in dc machines are made of carbon not from other metal?..

Answer / rajeshsan

Brushes with metal will lead arc and more wear & tear, Hence for large rating we will use carbon brushes. And for toy motor and very small motor use metal brushes.

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Why the brushes used in dc machines are made of carbon not from other metal?..

Answer / mohanavel.u ,marg ltd

The carbon brushes are having the self lubricating capacity
and if metal is used it will lead to more wear and tear
produces spark and damage the armature.

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Why the brushes used in dc machines are made of carbon not from other metal?..

Answer / pavan msh

brushes used in dc machines are mostly made of carbon bcz carbon is of low cost and also a good conductor

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