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How many types of Differential protection are there?
and what the special arrangement are made at the time of
charging of a transformer on the Differential protection?

How many types of Differential protection are there? and what the special arrangement are made at t..

Answer / nur.asidik

in fact, there are two.

 2nd harmonic blocking should be employeed to prevent relay trip during Tr stating up,

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What happen when neutral point connected to core balance current transformer? (Neutral point of an alternator of a 180KVA DG. Neutral point connected to CBCT means enter to the CBCT)

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what is the difference b/w ground & virtual ground?

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how many types of Earth bits available

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We have a 33/11kv switchyard having 12.5 MVA power transformer. We export & import power through this transformer. When we export power, the PF will be depend on GRID PF & when we import power the PF will be depend on our load PF. but the problem is that,when neither we export nor import but our 33KV vCB is in close position,our meter read the power factor 0.14 to 0.25 at that moment. So how can be we improve the power factor at that moment.

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what is RR number Abbreviation energy meter

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What is AMP and KA in a MCCB and MCB

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After synchronization with grid what is the demand value QKVAR and how we will maintain that?

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I am getting differential earth fault in my transformer realy , i have checked all its CT & control wiring but do not get fault, Please help

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what is the formular for the calculation of CT'S when installed as part of a electrical installation so the correct meter is used

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temp of cast resin 1500kva tx formerwent up to 138.c but came down very fast to about 100.c within 20 mins when load was reduced from 70% to 60%

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Unit of Magnetic Flux Density a) Tesla b) weber c) Hendry d) Farad

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In a single how much maximum current and watts using

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