What is the difference between Ceiling Fan armature and
Tablefan Armature or winding.

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Answer / k.prakashchandra

In ceiling fan armature is the stator ,the opposite, in
table fan.

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Answer / kiran mehta


in ceiling fan rotor is static and hence it has winding ,
while Table fan has rotor is rotating and has no winding
(sq cage). Ceiling fan blade rotates in Counter clock wise
direction, Table fan blade rotates in clock wise direction.
C fan is low speed 300 rpm, while table fan is high speed
1400 rpm.

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Answer / somasundaram s

the both fans have working in same principle, that is
capacitor start capacitor run.........

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Answer / krishna

both are same winding there is no difference between them

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Answer / ashwini

In both the fan it will work in same direction.

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