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An electronic p controller has an input range of 1-5v, and
output range of 4-20mA, while testing a step change of 0.4
was applied at the input , the PB setting was 50% ,what
should be the change in the output ?

An electronic p controller has an input range of 1-5v, and output range of 4-20mA, while testing a..

Answer / abhishekk

as PB is given 50%, so Prop gain would be (100/PB) this
case it is twice(prop gain) as we know for the change
of 1 v in input we get 4ma change in for 0.4 the
change will be 1.6ma WITHOUT using P controller...BUT we
have Prob gain is 2 so change in output will be 1.6*2=3.2ma
hence change in output is 3.2ma

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