Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Does increase or decrease of reactive load affects the Voltage.


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How Calculat the Cable Sizing of HT/LT System & Explian by one Exampal?


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What is meant by TAN-DELTA test carried out in motors?

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Why reverse power relay is used?

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What is the meaning of ST and HT in electrical transmission and what are thier range.

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why the transformer secondary voltage is more than the load end voltage like t/f 11KV/433V for 415V(terminal voltage)

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how netral CT is selected (including its details specification)

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Different STANDARDS (BS, IS, IEC etc) gives different informations on CT specification. How they correspons w r t each other (i.e I mean to say BS provides "knee point voltage" but IS does not, then how can i select CT)


what are the necessary basic electrical topics to learn for mechanical engineer to deal practical problems.



what is upper impedance and lower impedance of a distance relay


What is RTCC in a transfomer and specify its function.


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What is OLTC in a transformer, specify its fuction.

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What is OT in a transformer, specify its function.

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Whta is WT in a transformer, specify its function.

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What is ST and specify its range of voltage.


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how to measure dc earth leakage current?


Generator,motor and alternator Working principal Please explain easily


why burdens of VTs is more than CTs?


We have drive feeding an output contactor for a 5000 hp motor @ 5kV application. The motor FLA is 629amps x 1.25% service factor = 786.25 amps The cable that we current have in place between the drive and the output contactor is 350kcmil- MV-105 (parallel cables). Per the NEC table 310.60 (C) (69). This show the cable ampacity is at 615 amps per cable for a rating of 1230 amps. We have derated the cable for the cable tray and the multiple cables application and our calculations show that after the correction factor factor we are at 922amps. 1230 amps x .75% correction factor factor = 922.5 amps. The customer is driving us to then use another safety factor of .25% off of the already derated cable. Can you please provide a longhand calculation for your solution on this application?


I need bhel electrical test pattern & paper


1sq mm dc powr cable can carry how much dc currnt


relation between power station capacity and voltage level?


Does all the output contacts (N/O as well as N/C) of a Numerical relay operate when relay receives a binary input/inputs or contacts are designated to specific logic input/inputs and only these contacts operate?


how we decide the require size is this for a known current at fuu load?


nwhat are the main Components of servo motor?


what the principle of sincroscope?how it works?when it needed?


After completing iti in electrician, how can i get certificate of electrical supervisor? What ia requirements. For it?


Difference between shunt, PMG and AREP excitation. Which is the most reliable between PMG and AREP.


give single line diagram of D.G distribution form alternator to main L.T panel?


what is the use of current transformer in power transformer secondary side.?its connectyed in WTI