Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Does increase or decrease of reactive load affects the Voltage.


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How Calculat the Cable Sizing of HT/LT System & Explian by one Exampal?


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What is meant by TAN-DELTA test carried out in motors?

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Why reverse power relay is used?

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What is the meaning of ST and HT in electrical transmission and what are thier range.

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why the transformer secondary voltage is more than the load end voltage like t/f 11KV/433V for 415V(terminal voltage)

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how netral CT is selected (including its details specification)

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Different STANDARDS (BS, IS, IEC etc) gives different informations on CT specification. How they correspons w r t each other (i.e I mean to say BS provides "knee point voltage" but IS does not, then how can i select CT)


what are the necessary basic electrical topics to learn for mechanical engineer to deal practical problems.



what is upper impedance and lower impedance of a distance relay


What is RTCC in a transfomer and specify its function.

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What is OLTC in a transformer, specify its fuction.

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What is OT in a transformer, specify its function.

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Whta is WT in a transformer, specify its function.

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What is ST and specify its range of voltage.


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What is difference between Harmonic and Non harmonic Capacitor Bank?


Stator of 3-phase IM has 3 slots per pole per phase. If supply frequency is 50 Hz, calculate the speed of rotating stator flux A 1000 rpm B 500 rpm C 1500 rpm D 1440 rpm


What is the difference between type1 and type2 relay protection co-ordination for motor feeders


how to make an earthing certificate


why genarator genarating voltage 11 KV?


2- What are the percentages between excitation currents in phase (R, S and T) in ∆ and Ỵ connections in excitation Current test in transformers?




how can we save enegry by using VFD for Resiprocating Air compressor which is having more unloading running hours


Good morning: I'm looking for some informations about the OLTC or the LTC: I wont to know what the function of the tie-resistor in during the operation of reversing/coarse operation Cordially


can anybody send the rrb chennai &rrb bopal question papers of 2006&2007.My exam is on 12 oct 2008.Its urgent


What is the method for testing the differential protection stabilty in generator? When the time of starting What will happen if differentail protection connection wrong means?


What work have you done on full chip Clock and Power distribution? What process technology and budgets were used?


what is the relationship between current&voltage in practical purpose ?


How phase displacement change in the over current relay coils.


how to calculate insulation level of transformer?