Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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when we supply in primary side of transformer then the supply goes in secondary side?how it works?

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how to protect motor in dol starter having capacity of 30 hp.40 hp?


what is the effect of connecting three phase supply lines to three phase auto transformer output terminals through a fuse of 10Amp and a circuit breaker (MCB). Is this connection permanently destroy the transformer?


howmuch current can carry the 2.5Sqmm copper cable?

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what is mutual induction principle?

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What is the requirement of grounding the neutral of single phase generators on load? If the neutral is not grounded, what will be the effect?



What is the difference btwn grounding and earthing?


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Whats the principle of lightning? How protection against lightning is achieved? Types of protection? How to select the height of lightning spike? as per the area.


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what is the differance of acb and mcb and mccb

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what is the function of a commutator in a dc generator?

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how we are measuring the winding temperature of the transformer?

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prefer any good electrical engineering book.....it should be useful in the practical fied?

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How to test Power Transfomer vector group in the field?


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how will u exactly calculate the unit consumption of the Air conditioners?Split/Window/

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what is Touch and Step voltages


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what is the cause of voltage dipp or swell in the transmission lines?


what is v/f control in VFD?


at work we have a 3 phase motor but on testing one phase isnt getting a reading. it runs 24 hours a day all week. stops and starts well no noise or heating. the phase isnt down to earth.is it just a bad meter reading or not? phases one and three came up with a resistance reading of 0.4 but phase 2 couldnt get anything shows up as open circuit.


Is it true online ups having bypass mode if it is true then why we called ups because it is interrupting power when goes in bypass mode


What is the formula to calculate the rating of power cable for three phase current.


Can anyone explain me about the RLC based Impulse high voltage generator and how to and operation of Series resonant High voltage reactor...?


How can we find out LT UG cable fault (size,from-4*25mm sqr to 4*300mm sqr)? How mani types UG cable faults?


Hi friends, i m electrical engineer i want a cdr for migration purpose so anybody have information about this then send me on jayesh_ee88@yahoo.com.please try to me


If we have 11 kv RYB Phase single core cable near about. Then wht effect and losses


1. what is usage for power factor in industries?? 2.why we need to monitor power factor??


How should i design a 1ph & 3 ph transformer. Kindly let meknow all steps and formulaes related to design from scratch.


What is difference between slip rings and carbon burushes?


Explain difference between stand by earth fault and residual earth fault protection?


Brief me about maintenance planning & sheduling of machine tool.


What is the formula to calculate the rating of a three phase air circuit breaker