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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the difference between grounding & earthing?

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How to specific gravity of battery will check, i didnt saw any hydrometer. & say me how to dip into the battery what are the specifications are given in the hydrometer?

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What is the d/f between DOL & star delta starter & automatic star delta starter?

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What si the d/f b/w KVA & KWH, kvarh & kvar, kwh & kvar phase voltage & line voltage



How LT megger works ?


some times voltage does not built in small generators why ?

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what is the effect of power factor on DG supply,i mean to say what will the effect if we add capactors on dg supply.


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What is the effect if power factor is above 1 or unity.


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what is the effect if we add capacitor on DG supply, it has any loss or benefit.

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what is the difference between upper impedance and lower impedance distance relay?

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whate is the meaning of balance/unbalance,in stabilizers type



what is the highest transmission voltage in india???

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what is the application of dynamic Breaking resistor in inverter ? & How it works ?

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if 15 kv is grounding directly what will happen?

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how the works electronic energy meter?



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Help need in transformer !? Hello Friends The parameters of 2300/230 v 50hz t/f is R1=0.286 ohm R`2=0.319 ohm Rc=240 ohm X1=0.73 ohm X`2=0.73 ohm Xm=49.2 ohm Secondary Load impedance ZL=0.387+J0.29 solve the exact equivalent circuit with normal voltage across primery.. I know every thing but i cant find CURRENT I1=? and I`2=? Please help me give solution or only Formula please please...


why dc is used in control circuits for MV & LV switchgeras instead of ac


how you configure motorvision relay (L&T make)from DCS


what are the main faults that occur in stabilizers? How they corrected and resolved ? Types of stabilizers ?


how can we say that stator magnetic field rotates with synchronous speed?can we derive?


hello everybody. what does an abnormal stator winding impedance or dc resistance show? thanx


What products have you designed which have entered high volume production?


What is the basis for framing the rules of block diagram reduction technique?


In Plumbing services What are accessories we consider for a bathroom?


what are the difference between PLC and embedded


what is the maximum permissible limit value of leakage current and leakage counter reading to replace lightining arrester?


Where is servomechanism used?


Why you are switching off arc protection mcb when you are taking shutdown for lv board.


What is the tube exial fan?


Why space heater is required for each verical bus bar chamber? if one space heater is adequate or not for anti condensation?