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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the difference between grounding & earthing?

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How to specific gravity of battery will check, i didnt saw any hydrometer. & say me how to dip into the battery what are the specifications are given in the hydrometer?

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What is the d/f between DOL & star delta starter & automatic star delta starter?

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What si the d/f b/w KVA & KWH, kvarh & kvar, kwh & kvar phase voltage & line voltage



How LT megger works ?


some times voltage does not built in small generators why ?

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what is the effect of power factor on DG supply,i mean to say what will the effect if we add capactors on dg supply.


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What is the effect if power factor is above 1 or unity.


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what is the effect if we add capacitor on DG supply, it has any loss or benefit.

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what is the difference between upper impedance and lower impedance distance relay?

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whate is the meaning of balance/unbalance,in stabilizers type



what is the highest transmission voltage in india???

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what is the application of dynamic Breaking resistor in inverter ? & How it works ?

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if 15 kv is grounding directly what will happen?

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how the works electronic energy meter?



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What is MS-EXCELL?


How can i get my certificate of competency as an electrical supervisor? I have complicated my B.Tech from Uttarakhand technical university this year (2012).


1.what is the difference between transformer differential and busbar differential.2)why we are using 2 slope for trafo diif and 1 slope for busbar diff.3)what is the purpose of metrosil and stabilizing resistor in high impedance relay circuit.4)how metrosil reduce the peak volage.5)what is the funtion of stabilizing resistor


how to determine the inrush current of a transformer


What is the ideal position cooling fan inside the dc motor?


which pump used in STP


2 v/500amp/hr to 1.80vpc at 20 degree celsious 2v/5ooamp/hr to 1.75 vpc at 77degree farren .this is the capacity of a battery .what is the meaning of this . can i get a detailed explenation


How can ou verify the size of conductor ACSR


The transmission does not have options: a)Partition noise b) Flicker noise c) resistance d) Short noise and reason


What does ampere turns shows?


How to calculate pitch, gauge of winding wire, and No. of turns for 30HP, 3 phase, 4 poles 50Hz, 380V induction motors


How the circuit breaker is selected for Induction motor of 100 kW, 415 volt, 0.85 power factor, 0.95 efficiency ?


what is the safty of poly phase tranformer?


how to calculate energy of 3-phase motor?


what is load despatching