Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what type of transformer used in soft ware parks its distribution or power transformer. like 1800 kva

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what is name of transformer oil ?

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why are we using resistor in NGR ?

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What is the difference between AVR and Servo Stabliser


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What is a Servo Stabliser.

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what are lightning masts?what is their purpose???


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why the power cut problems occur in tamil nadu? may i know the exact reason.plz

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what is the formula to find out how many amps generater takes running on full load.

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What will happen if an AC induction motor is applied with DC voltage?????????Kindly give all the posssible answers...

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why all the feeders are designed in a particular manner ... is there any reason for that???


What is the difference between EARTH & NEUTRAL?


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difference between power surge and switching transient


What is a liquid resistance starter?where it is used??


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What is over fluxing in transformer?

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What is difference between PVC cable & XLPE cable?


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sir please tel me how calucalte kwh if home taken load 30ams how maney kwh taken per day.and 3phase motor 5hp per hars how maney load teken and how mach kwh and forward me to electrical table for calicalte kwh and kvr and kvah


What is core CT & it's function?


In HI POT test what is reason for applying the AC VOLTS and DC VOLTS in different applications what is the nessesity for this ?


at work i have a genertor/alternater what is the easyest way to work out if it is dc or ac?


How many double suspension hardware fittings are required on a double circuit transmission tower?


send me all basic electrical question and answers


In a power conditoining unit (inverter) of a solar plant when we measure the d.c. current fed by different strings of solar plates to inverter, the current in the negative wire is less almost by 1 ampere to the current in its positive wire say current in positive wire 5 A , then current in negative wire of the same string is 4 A. Since the current entering should be equal to current leaving then why the current is noticably less in negative wire.


What type interview questions ask in Electrical technicians


how dia of wire and angles are calculated for overhead shielding wire to protect substation equipment from lightening strokes???


Help need in transformer !? Hello Friends The parameters of 2300/230 v 50hz t/f is R1=0.286 ohm R`2=0.319 ohm Rc=240 ohm X1=0.73 ohm X`2=0.73 ohm Xm=49.2 ohm Secondary Load impedance ZL=0.387+J0.29 solve the exact equivalent circuit with normal voltage across primery.. I know every thing but i cant find CURRENT I1=? and I`2=? Please help me give solution or only Formula please please...


the grid connection required for a 50 MegaWatt fotovoltaic powerplant is higher or lower than 35kv (high or medium tension)?


how to select fuse rating for a 3-phase motor ???


Atwhat condition reverse power relay will act?


When a single pase capacitor run motor- run on 230vac and Case(1)run with 8 Mfd 250 vac.capacitor , Case( 2) run with 8 Mfd 400vac capacitor. What is difference between both case regarding power ,efficiency etc?


draw the block diagram of fire alarm?