Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what type of transformer used in soft ware parks its distribution or power transformer. like 1800 kva

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what is name of transformer oil ?

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why are we using resistor in NGR ?

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What is the difference between AVR and Servo Stabliser


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What is a Servo Stabliser.

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what are lightning masts?what is their purpose???


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why the power cut problems occur in tamil nadu? may i know the exact reason.plz

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what is the formula to find out how many amps generater takes running on full load.

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What will happen if an AC induction motor is applied with DC voltage?????????Kindly give all the posssible answers...

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why all the feeders are designed in a particular manner ... is there any reason for that???


What is the difference between EARTH & NEUTRAL?


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difference between power surge and switching transient


What is a liquid resistance starter?where it is used??


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What is over fluxing in transformer?

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What is difference between PVC cable & XLPE cable?


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What is super thermal power plant? and how it will differ from normal thermal power plant


Why the field rheostat is adjusted such that the voltmeter reads 380V


What is the difference between rated and per unit in transformer?


For R-L or R-C ckt,time constant formula is L/R and RC respectively and its unit is in sec.Pls tell me the derivation


What is difference between insulating medium and fault current interruption medium in a switching device.


Can any body tell me the different types of LT cables & their application.


solor panels arrange some angle,panel is flat fitted energy was produced or not why?


Can any answer me ,What will be the range of C.T coil for L&T energy meter EM301 used for 180 kva DG set


What is the rating factor for copper cable ( Specific value according to the type of laying ) & the voltage drop?


ht side line to earth voltage


how to set the time in digital timer ?


on a three-winding transformer relationship delta-delta-star, on third winding why the relationship is a star? what are the advantages and disadvantages? Thank you and please help


how braking & making capacity of circuit breaker is calculated?


How to define Kirchhoff current law and voltage law along with simply examples.


In the formula : Knee point voltage = Burden X alf / class, Please inform what is alf? regards Shashidhar M.R.