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NTS Interview Questions
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An element which does not react with oxygen is (a) Chlorine (b) Iodine (c) Helium (d) Nitrogen

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Yuang chwang came to India during the reign of: (a) Dharmapala (b) Harshvardhana (c) Chandragupta II (d) Samudragupta

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Which of the following is not a chemical reaction? 1 Burning of paper 2 Digestion of food 3 Conversion of water into steam 4 Burning of coal

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What is the effect if power factor is above 1 or unity.

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I am appearing for JR. EXECUTIVE (ATC). I need to know the syllabus .please any one give me the syllabus. my e-mail id is

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Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for data compression?

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which theorem is used to analyse fault a)thevinin b)Norton c)Superposition d)jordan

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why we are using KVA rating for transformer,not KWh rating?

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7 students can complete a task of making 9 scientific models in 21 days. How many students can make 3 models in 14 days.


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