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NTS Interview Questions
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An element which does not react with oxygen is (a) Chlorine (b) Iodine (c) Helium (d) Nitrogen

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Yuang chwang came to India during the reign of: (a) Dharmapala (b) Harshvardhana (c) Chandragupta II (d) Samudragupta

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Which of the following is not a chemical reaction? 1 Burning of paper 2 Digestion of food 3 Conversion of water into steam 4 Burning of coal

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What is the effect if power factor is above 1 or unity.

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I am appearing for JR. EXECUTIVE (ATC). I need to know the syllabus .please any one give me the syllabus. my e-mail id is

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Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for data compression?

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which theorem is used to analyse fault a)thevinin b)Norton c)Superposition d)jordan

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why we are using KVA rating for transformer,not KWh rating?

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7 students can complete a task of making 9 scientific models in 21 days. How many students can make 3 models in 14 days.


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Un-Answered Questions

what is cems analyzer explain with principle and drawing ?


I have Completed my diploma in Electronics in year 2009.I got low score in TOEFL.SO what should i do to get the visa...I am confident that I will get the visa..But probable chances for getting visa....and i also got I20 and paid Visa interview fees.....


Display names and numbers of employees who have 5 years or more experience and  salary less than Rs.15000 using array of structures (name, number, experience and  salary)


what is the difference between IE5 and IE6


What are the components new in 2.14 compared to 1.8 and State the usage of the components?


I am sonakshi did MBA in marketing and then SAP sd certification now i am unable to get job yet i have around 2 years of domain ex. what to do?


Can anyone tell me a difficult situation who have handled while creating Datastage jobs?


How we calculat the NGR of 3phase Generator, Our generation voltage 11KV


List your Key Sales Accomplishments?


profit centres


why we are not giving the zone 1 trip command to the master trip relay


Draw the cross section of a boundary wall and label its part with detailing?


Please tell me the difference between EN31 and OHNS material.


is the used fire extinguisher fall under Hazardous waste material?


The present state of reession in it industry as a human resoures managers how are you going to under take human resoures planing at maecro leval to ove this crisis


NTS Interview Questions
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