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NTS Interview Questions
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An element which does not react with oxygen is (a) Chlorine (b) Iodine (c) Helium (d) Nitrogen

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Yuang chwang came to India during the reign of: (a) Dharmapala (b) Harshvardhana (c) Chandragupta II (d) Samudragupta

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Which of the following is not a chemical reaction? 1 Burning of paper 2 Digestion of food 3 Conversion of water into steam 4 Burning of coal

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What is the effect if power factor is above 1 or unity.

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I am appearing for JR. EXECUTIVE (ATC). I need to know the syllabus .please any one give me the syllabus. my e-mail id is

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Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for data compression?

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which theorem is used to analyse fault a)thevinin b)Norton c)Superposition d)jordan

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why we are using KVA rating for transformer,not KWh rating?

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7 students can complete a task of making 9 scientific models in 21 days. How many students can make 3 models in 14 days.


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Un-Answered Questions

How to Get bin names from your printer?


i completed my DEEE. and i want to electrical c license. how to get it..?


If the PMON is not working then how do you manage and monitor all processes, resources and sessions etc.


Is it required to do earthing in 2nd shop if earthed armoured cable is laid from 1st shop ?


In synchronization circuit what is the function of Interposing voltage transformer(IVT)and Reverse voltage transformer(RVT)


I have an instrument that involves an electronic circuit. In circuit there is a PTC B754 (having operating voltage 230V). PTC is already damaged and same PTC is not available in market. Now what can i do to solve that problem.


what are the Font problems on NT 4.0?


How much machining cost required for 1000x1000x16Thk(Mild steel)


Explain Energy and Power signals?


What is the WMLScript?


Write code for ,We have a web table with rows and columns like EmpID EName Action 1 ABC Edit Delete 2 XYZ Edit Delete 3 PQR Edit Delete In the above Table the last column has two links we have to click first link based up on EmpID =2


Is map like a pointer?


why we use cascade control and feed foreword control in 3 element control of boiler drum ?what is feed forward and cascade control system ?


What unique experience or qualifications separate you from other candidates?


What is difference between split and block in hadoop?


NTS Interview Questions
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