Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is difference between AC VVVF drive & Dc VVVF drive explain their working principle?

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why we step up voltage for reducing the loss, even if voltage and current are proportional anr resistance remains same

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how to select earthing conductor size of amy motor/panel etc.

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How would we calculate the no of earthing pits required for motor /panel

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send me the upsc conventional papers of 2006

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what is cogging and crawling

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for 500mw power production how many range of transformer set in unit please reply if three transformer use .

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What is power factof?


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What is auto transformer?

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Why donot sleep below the tree for night time?

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could mail me the question papers for the test.


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What is Cement

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why the generating voltage in India is 11kV or why is it be transmitted as multiples of 11

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why electric shock due to dc is dangerous than that of ac

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What is the difference between online ups and offline ups?

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What is the meaning of C1, C61, C91 cable


What is the minimum IR value of HT/ LT cable? Pls post separetely!!!!!


from generating station If 400v LT line length is 1000m how much voltage is drop and how do i calculate it? which cable will be use for this line?


What is distance between electrical panel to land ?


While performing stability test of differintial cts how to know the voltage and current on both side of the transformer?


If the rated speed of a d.c. Shunt motor is1440 r.p.m, which method of speed control would you suggested to obtain a speed of 1500 r.p.m?


what is meaning of sympathetic tripping with respect to relays and give the values for current carrying capacities for copper and aluminium cables from 16sq mm to 500sq mm


How do we arrive at selecting reactive capacitance value as 30% of h.p rating of motor?


can i use ups power as a raw power for another ups


ASTM D 3455 - Standard Test Methods for Compatibility of Construction Material with Electrical Insulating Oil of Petroleum Origin has been used for Testing Transformer Oils with a product placed in it. Aged Control Oil has a Power Factor of 0.032% at 100°C. Aged Oil with a Test component has a Power Factor of 0.093% at 100°. Is this increase acceptable? If not why? How much increase is acceptable?


how to failure indution motor insulation & how to improve heat in motor insulation


if grounding is notdone at regular intervals for long distance transmission, will the load connected at distribution end receive voltage during negativehalf cycle of the sine wave?


How much dc volt applied in cathodic protection system?


how to revers the direction of single phase motor


explain why core loss of a transformer is almost constant under different load conditions when connected across a constant voltage and constant frequency.