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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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hi frienda We have 250kva cater pillet dg set we are fasing one diffrent proublam in dg we are start dg set after one mint applying load around 450a load but dg was run 3 Or 4 mints after 3 mints dg was shuding down automatic how to face this proublam pls tel any budy

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is dc shunt moter oprate on ac? if no why? if yes how?

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what is RNG in the DG synchronizing by PLC?


why battery set is required for D.G.set?

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11 kv line me tino phase takra jaye to present time me approximately voltage aur current kya hoga...

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i want the formula of total eletical knowledgement

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what is the diffrence between mcb &elcb?

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what is the difference between the electrical and electronic choke?

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what is the need of starter in tube light and what type of starter is used in that?

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can we start mulitple 3 phase induction motors with common starter?

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what is the difference b/w single and three phase circuits?

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what is electronic regulator and how we can use that in fans?

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how to check IR values in alternator winding?

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What Is the Difference Between Lightening Spike and Lightening Arrester?

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What is the formula to calculate the size of Aluminium and copper cable?


1.what is the difference between transformer differential and busbar differential.2)why we are using 2 slope for trafo diif and 1 slope for busbar diff.3)what is the purpose of metrosil and stabilizing resistor in high impedance relay circuit.4)how metrosil reduce the peak volage.5)what is the funtion of stabilizing resistor


ratings of lightning arrester


How to arrange a hous hold earthing system to keep minimum earth resistance( below 7ohms).


Why is a synchronous motor always star connected??


why high speed tripping relay will be used in tripping circuit why not normal relay


In Power cable specification what is U0/U and Um.


why in the three pin plug all 3 pins are cutted ?


On what basis do you decide the ONAN (Oil Natural air natural) or Dry type transformer for a project?


is it possible to test of bus bar in high rise building without completed full floor ?


The efficiency of a 100kva transformer is 0.98 at full load as well as half load , for this transformer what is the Copper loss at full load ?


what is the correct method for the outdoor termination of 19/33 KV HT cable step by step?


What are the types of class b amplifier?


what should be the ideal gauge of wire (In sq mm) for different loads in Ampere?


What are PLC leader logic program method