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Synergy Interview Questions
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For what type of applications Rapid Test Script Wizard available?

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What is the difference between typeof(foo) and myFoo.GetType()?

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What are the differences between Database Trigger and Integrity constraints ?

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What is custom control. What is the difference between custom control and user control ?

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Tell about your current project and your role in it?

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What is CTS, CLS and CLR ?

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when errors occurs in ur script wat will u do

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What is user exit.?

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tell me about yourself ?

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What r the functional testing u perform?


What is mean by Sanitation Testing?

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what is the diff between ad hoc and exploratory testing ?

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how can i pass a "automation script" as a parameter in a function give me need full suggestion thank inadvance


Why do we write test cases?

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To Write a C program to remove the repeated characters in the entered expression or in entered characters(i.e) removing duplicates.

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