Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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how to detect the presence of underground cable(while digging road)etc. -give the name of instrument


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how to measure the A.C flux .-instrument


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which subject is better to tell when hr asks the area of interest?..


if step down transformer step down the voltage,will current will also be proportional step up. If yes then how transformer handle such a large current?

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What is the meaning of Fault level rating?

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Why semi-conducting insulation is used in XLPE cables?

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I have a 600VA UPS for computer only. It holds for 20minutes only. 1. Can it be upgraded for longer period.? 2. Can it be used for one ceiling fan and a tube light? If yes, how to upgrade?

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what is the knee point voltage ? what is differtial rela? what is impedance and % of impedane? what is the postive phase sequance ? negative phase sequane ? and zero sequance impedance ? what is sortcircuit calculaion? why take calculation? define stabilty test ? why? what sentivity test? define merz protection ? what is the burden ? class 5p10, accracy, metering ct take knee point voltage test thet time what heppan why dont take knee point test to metering ct?


how can we change the rotating direction of single phase AC induction motors?

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why C T secondary are rating 5A generaly .

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why earth hole size is biggest in socket point.

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If DG runing time Neutral earth connection Dissconect what will be the effect in load and equipments.

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If DG runing time neutral is disconnected what will be the effect in Engine and Electricial panel.


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What is transformer break down voltage.And what is flash oil flash point.


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Why dc Supply used in Control circuit.


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explain the Trip supervision circuit


why the earth is taken minimum in supplying? wather it the proportional factor to getting work any equipment or a power plant?


What is the tests required for a 132 kV, 400 kV , 765 kV for a Circuit Breaker and Power Transformer before commissioning ?


What is the principle of HIGH SPEED DIRECT DRIVE MOTOR ?


Whats the difference btwn a latch, port,data bus buffer? Do they all not hold data in d flip flops??



as a electrical student why should i hire you?


what are the installation procedure of high voltage power transformer,CT,CB&PT?


how work a harmonics filter(L-C combition).


How to measure the Harmonic Distortion of UPS ie THD?


we are going to install a solar PV site and how can we calculate PV Solar Panel Efficiency, can anybody tell me complete method for its calculation.


how to calculate the Neutral transformer impedance?


What should be the magnetic balance test values for a 3 phase delta/star connected single primary dual secondary winding transformer (90 MVA / 2 X 45 MVA TRANSFORMER)


Ceiling Fan and Storage type water heater. Discuss


write encoder 17 pins details? pin a;b+, pin b;w+,..pin s & t. what is the meaning of b+, w+? explain;