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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Pls Breifly explain about UPS (Inverter,Reserve,Rectifier,Float voltage,Boost voltage).


where used of HVDS system.

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Iam Preparing For Ap Transco Assistant Engineer (ELECTRICAL) Exam how To Prepare What Is The Refernce Books.can You Give The Advises To Me.tahnk You. This Is Radhika Iam Preparing For Ap Transco Assistant Engineer (ELECTRICAL

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What is the speed of 3 phase IM(Induction motor) at no load? How will the Motor meet the increased load(Explain through fundamental)?

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Name quantities which are not transformed in the tranformer.

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What is Scott connection? In which device it is used?

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Are generator action and motor action relates to a particular machine only?

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What is Peterson coil? Where it is used?

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Is there any difference between load based power plant and coal based power plant?

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why do we earth the tandelta point of a power transformer bushing?

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what is meant by HT<?

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i am swathi, 4th year. In smps(switched mode power supply)we are using diodes,mosfets,igbts for controling of current. And my question is why we did not use thyristors(scr)? it is also act as a switch,then what is the drawback of scr as compared to above transisters> if we use the scr,then what is happening ? plz give reply as soon as possible bcoz i am doing project on smps. plz frnds i want ans for that. if anybody know the ans plz send to my e-mail id /


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what is the VVVFD and?

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how to cal calculate capacitance in DC Circuit

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how to calculate the current capacity of a wire if its dimension in Square mm is given


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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

What is the Surge suppresor? Why using in a UDB's and How it works?


what is the circutor?why we use it ?


which model T or pie model is prefarable in power syatem


ht side line to earth voltage


th how could we differentiate between armoured copper and armoured aluminium cable what is the basic application? why we prefer the armoured copper as compared to armoured aluminium.


what is diff btw electric,magnetic & eletromagnetic field


How can we checked Killo Watts of Motor & Alternator?


Can you explain about pole discrepancy scheme


In Plumbing services What are accessories we consider for a bathroom?


being an electrical engineer why you wanna come into software i have an very good academics what answer i have to give


What is the formula to calculate a three phase alternator


what are the applications of transistors with low dc gain, high dc gain and medium dc gain( beta)?


What is the ideal position cooling fan inside the dc motor?


Please tell me in DETAIL about the following 3 types of fuses or recommend me a good power system protection book or a website link ? 1.Dropout Fuse 2.Striker Fuse 3.Empulsive fuse (not sure if its impulsive or explosion fuse , sorry)


how to find the resistance and gap volatage of the diode??