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What is the speed of 3 phase IM(Induction motor) at no load?
How will the Motor meet the increased load(Explain through

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What is the speed of 3 phase IM(Induction motor) at no load? How will the Motor meet the increased ..

Answer / iamdon

At no load the speed of IM is VERY CLOSE TO SYNCHRONOUS
SPEED but not equal to synchronous speed.

As the mechanical load on the motor shaft is increased,the
motor slow down.Due to which the relative motion between
rotating magnetic field and rotor conductor increases.Thus
more emf will induce in rotor conductor according to
Faraday's laws.Since rotor conductors are short circuited
so more current is induced according to Lenz law.The
induced current will flow through rotor conductor causing
more electromechanical torque to be developed.In this way
motor meets the increased load demand.

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What is the speed of 3 phase IM(Induction motor) at no load? How will the Motor meet the increased ..

Answer / himansu prusti

according to this above question,when we are connecting a load across motor ,at the time motor will draw more amount of current which will dominant resistance present in the rotor,and hence the power factor will improved which will simultaneously improve the torque.because as we know torque in the induction motor is T=Er*Ir*cos&#966;.

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